I build models while I and studying or reading articles and books. I would like to share with anyone who is interested in them. After my models get published, or I am granted the patent, I will put them here, as long as  the project is finished and models are approved to be open to public.

Principles of Systems  by Jay W. Forrester

             When I read the classic textbook about System Dynamics Method, I build the models within this book to help myself to visualize then understand author's theory. The following models are based on Vensim platform. You can download the free newest Vensim PLE to read and run the models.

 Sec 2.2  First-order negative feedback loop

 Sec 2.3  Second-order negative feedback loop

 Sec 2.4  Positive feedback loop

 Sec 2.5  Sales growth and saturation

Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for A Complex World  by John D. Sterman

             This is a very good textbook for System Dynamics Method. It has lots of examples which are much helpful for beginners. The official website of this book is here, and the models are free to download in different versions on three popular modelling platforms. Although they are easy to find, I would like to show the link to make it easier.

 All the models can be download here

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