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About me

       Hi, my name is Eric. I am a new lecturer / researcher in Second Military Medical University (SMMU). My research has always focused on:  

   1. Application of System Dynamics Method;
   2. Dynamic system cognition;
   3. Military health service;
   4. Medical evacuation of civilian and military casualties;
   5. Safety culture / climate.

   Full Curriculum Vitae: PDF


  Office: Military Medical Building 510
  Phone: (+86) 021-81871426
  Email: qingri212@gmail.com 
  Address:   Department of Health Service
                 Second Military Medical University
                 800 Xiangyin, Yangpu District
                 Shanghai 200433, China

See: My Publications and Models

Work Experience

              Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China      Dec 2014 – Present

                       Working as a lecturer / researcher in Dept. Health Service

              Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA             Nov 2013 – Dec 2014      [ Newsletter ]

                       Working as a visiting scholar in Dynamic Decision Making LaboratoryDept. Social and Decision Sciences

             Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai, China            Dec 2008 – Jun 2009

                       Working as an intern in Dept. Teaching and Medical Administration


              Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China       Jun 2014                                               

                    Doctor’s degree in Social Medicine and Public Health Management

              Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China       Jun 2009

                    Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Management

Teaching Experience

              Military Health Service

              Health Service Equipment and Device

Professional Organizations

              System Dynamics Society

              Society for Judgment and Decision Making

Grants and Awards (as primary investigator)

               SMMU - Special Found for Military Medical Research (2016-2017)     $4,600 awarded

                    Safety Culture of Destroyer Force Troops (Number: 2016WK04)

               SMMU - Startup Research Foundation for Young Scholars (2015-2016)     $1,500 awarded

                    Safety Culture of Traditional Submarine Troops (Number: 2015WK10)

              Shanghai Pujiang Program (2015-2017)      $16,100 awarded

                    Understanding of Stock and Flow in Dynamic Systems (Number: 15PJC097)

              SMMU - Innovation Fund for PhD Students (2012-2013)     $2,500 awarded

                    Optimizing Modeling for Medical Evacuation for An Aircraft Carrier 

              SMMU - Seeding Fund for Outstanding Master Students (2010-2011)    $1,700 awarded

                    Medical Evacuation System for Casualties at Sea

Ac hoc Reviewer for

              International Conference of the System Dynamics Society